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Top 5 Brompton Accessories for Commuter


It’s a great idea to commute on a Brompton. It’s very quick to fold / unfold. When the bike is folded, the bike turns into a perfect triangle. with some modification / accessories you can personalize your very own bike. We picked 5 accessories that we would like to recommend you to add on your Brompton.

1. Front Light

Riding a bike has developed into a hobby, a sport or just an outdoor activity. The front light improves the rider’s visibility when there is no sufficient light. It is for safety purposes.


2. Tail Light

If you want to be seen from the bike when riding, this red tail light, which is always visible to motorists drivers and pedestrians that are behind you. This helps you decrease the chances of getting hit from behind by a car or even another cyclist.


3. Phone/GoPro Mount

Phone / GoPro mount helps to secure your devices on your handle bar, when you need to follow digital maps / quidence, with a quick glance you can look at your devices without stopping.

4. Bell

Bike bells help to warn other cyclists or pedestrians and alert them of the fact that you are coming through, which, in terms, helps to avoid accidents.

5. Bike Tool Kit

Bike tool kit can securely stall inside the frame. On an unlucky day, you can solve any mechanical issues without going to the repair shop.