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Iron Horse Saddle Bag

Iron Horse Saddle Bag



Inspired by the World War II European cavalry package.

Built-in BROMPTON shelf slot, can be quickly assembled in the BROMPTON quick release shelves (rack sold separately).

Classic saddle bag design, front and rear symmetrical configuration, can also be assembled in the general bike.

Suitable for daily use and travel portable package models.

  • Built-in 13 “laptop mezzanine
  • Quickly open three-piece hood
  • The front and rear sides each have three cache pockets
  • Can be placed in the RF camera system
  • Double-headed quick-release straps
  • Details of the rich old brush color war damage treatment


Leather: black Italian tanned leather (hand washed rubbing processing)

Bag body: Italian calfskin (manual old dyeing processing)

Strap: black Italian tanned leather (hand washed rubbing processing)

Back pad: active anti-skid decompression back pad


W410 H320 D200 (mm)

NEO-CLASSIC New Classic Series

RXE – ROCXTONE EQUIPMENT, “NEO-CLASSIC New Classic Series” designed for World War II retro style enthusiasts

NEO-CLASSIC New Classic Series

RXE – ROCXTONE EQUIPMENT, “NEO-CLASSIC New Classic Series” designed for World War II retro style enthusiasts

Can be photographic bags, travel bags, tool kits, dad bag multi-functional package section. For you to create daily can be used every day, a strong and reliable loyalty to carry partners !!!

From the classic World War II military style design inspiration, with modern function and design again re-interpretation.

High quality Italian vegetable tanned saddle skin material, with hand-old brush color, feel smooth and smooth.

In between the inch, you will find very wonderful color details and sense of hierarchy.

Each of the RXE hand package, are independent in the studio to complete the production, the whole series is not only the appearance of tough, internal and details of the deal is also very place.

Hardware is derived from the classic design of World War II, in addition to the basic needs of tough and durable, in the old and the details of war damage are quite hard,

The rust blends the fine spots of copper green. War damage scarred, interpretation of the new classic heroic spirit.

Rough and neat, but full of levels of exterior design, multi-functional convenience.

But also take into account the storage, crash, waterproof, dusty inner, coupled with a variety of intimate details of the design, the second world of the soul of the metal fastener.

“RXE – NEO-CLASSIC new classic series” is your indispensable, powerful and reliable loyal travel companion !!!


This is the best storage + anti-collision + waterproof bag

Each bag comes with the ”X-FORM INNER BAG”

The inner bag has the most lightweight design, with maximum protection, including waterproof and shock integration.

The “WRAP-ADAPT-PROTECT” is always our main goal when designing the “X-FORM INNER BAG”.

To achieve our goal, this special X structure design could have miracle impact of the inner bag.

The contents in the bag can be completely covered, to achieve the best anti-collision effect.  The appearance of the bag cud remain in shape.

1. With this structure, it can greatly reduce the use of materials, not only smaller, lighter weight (to the lightest weight of 160g), but also enhance the shock effect !!!

2. Segmentation, resulting in folding and any deformation characteristics, with different contents of the deformation, and then complete protect the contents of the package.

3. The rugged trench structure creates a buffer between the contents and enhances the ability to withstand external shocks.

4. When carrying, it does not produce a sense of oppression.

5. When not in use it can be folded for the minimum storage space.

6. It can be deformed with the contents, from the irregular camera and lens, to the cylindrical red wine bottle, and even the laptop can have perfect protection!

The inner bag were integrated by velcro, anti-collision layer and waterproof layer, very light, durable, can use for may years.

With the partition design, it can freely layered into different need when using this bag as a photographer bag, a travel bag, a tool kits bag or dad’s bag.

Note:  All bags are handmade, after placing order,  production period could be 3+ weeks before we can deliver to you.  Thank you!!


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Weight 1300 g

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